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Skálavík Camping

Smyril Line - Skálavík Camping

Skálavík Camping

As something new we now offer camping facilities outside Hotel Skálavík, where there is space for 15 motorhomes

With the hotel as the closest neighbor we can guarantee that the camping facilities are ok. In the hotel there is a hall with various facilities such as bouncy castles, ping-pong and football nets where the children can have fun. If you prefer wellness you are welcome to book the outside hot tub with space for 7 persons at the hotel.

You have access to water, electricity (plug-in), shower and toilet. And it is possible to empty the toilet on the spot.

The island Sandoy offers travelers a lot of experiences, beautiful nature, historical places and cosy villages. From the village Sandur it is possible to take the boat Sildberin to the islands Skúvoy, where it will be possible to see the burial place of the Viking chief Sigmundur Brestisson, who, according to the Fæeringesaga, brought Christianity from Norway to the Faroe Islands around 1000 A.D.

Travelers with vehicles over 7 m long and higher than 1,90 m who want to travel to the island Sandoy have to book space onboard the ferry Teistin from Gomlurætt to Skopun on tel. +298 29 31 03


Mobile home for a day: DKK 250

Departure ( ): 29.03

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