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How to get to Skálavík in Sandoy

To reach the island of Sandoy, you need to take the ferry called Teistin, which sails from “Gomlurætt” outside the capital Tórshavn to the village Skopun on the island of Sandoy, from there you need to drive 15 minutes to reach the village Skálavík, were Hotel Skálavík is located. 

The travelling time by car from Tórshavn to Gomlurætt is about 10 minutes. The sailing time is about 30 min.

Ferry price: 
Vehicle < 5m and driver is DKK 160
Price for extra adults DKK 40

Prebook the ferry here:

Note: it is only possible to book the ferry one way and it is possible to buy the ferry ticket last minute when you drive on-board. By pre-booking the ferry, you are guaranteed space onboard. 

The sailing schedule between Gomlurætt and Skopun is below.

How to travel from the airport

At the bottom of this site you can see how you travel from the airport to Hotel Skálavík. 

60 Skopun – Gamlarætt

60 Skopun – Gamlarætt

Ship: M/F Teistin

Travelling time: 30 min.

60 skopun - gamlarætt
Day From Skopun From Gomlurætt
x 06.45 07.25
x67 08.10 09.45
x67 10.30 11.15
x67 12.30 13.15
x67 14.00 15.50
x67 16.35 17.20
x67 18.35 20.00
x67 20.40 21.20
x67 22.30 23.05


All vehicles can now book in advance from Gomlurætt to Skopun here

However you can still not book from Skopun to Gomlurætt, and these conditions are still applicable on this route:

Vehicles higher than 1,90 m must book in advance on tel. +298 29 31 03. Please inform the crew length, weight and hight of the vehicle.  

Vehicles which are left behind in Skopun due to lack of space and that the crew on board Teistin -when able, drive on board when space is again on the car deck will pay normal ticket price.

Vehicles should be in the queue at least 15 min. before departure.

x = Weekdays ( Fri).
1 = Monday
2 = Tuesday
3 = Wednesday
4 = Thursday
5 = Friday
6 = Saturday
7 = Sunday

Day: Changes:
Maundy Thursday   Like Sundays
Good Friday    Like Sundays
Easter Day  Like Sundays
2nd Easter Day Like Sundays 
General Prayer Day Like Sundays
Christ´s Ascension Day Like Sundays
Whit Day Like Sundays
2nd Whit Day Like Sundays
St Olaf´s Eve Like Sundays
St Olaf´s Day  Like Sundays
Christmas Eve Last departure from Skopun at 14:00 and from Gl. Rætt 15:50
Christmas Day Departure from Skopun at 10:30 and at 20:00 and from Gl. Rætt 11:30 and at 21:00
Boxing Day Like Sundays
New Year´s Eve Last departure from Skopun at 14:00 and from Gl. Rætt 15:50
New Year´s Day Like Sundays


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