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Sandoy has a lot of exciting tours and activities to offer our guests

The island of Sandoy, located only about 30 minutes with ferry from south of Streymoy, is very special with its beautiful nature, cosy villages and historic places. Sandoy is the fifth largest island in the Faroe Islands and, along with Suðuroy, makes up the large southern island pair in the archipelago. Sandoy is considered the flattest island, with broad valleys and many little lakes, low rounded mountains and sandy beaches. The gently rolling mountains make it appear greener than the other islands with their more rugged craggy mountains. The island’s western coast is steeper and has bird cliffs.

You can for instance visit Húsavík, a little village dating back to the Viking ages, it has two old quarters with many traditional Faroese houses. And in the village Sandur you can visit the lovely art museum with a fine collection of modern Faroese art. Sandoy does also have one of the best beaches in the country. A large and beautiful sandy beach defines the village of Sandur, named after the beach.

Sandoy also has a lot of interesting and exciting excursions to offer. The tourist office on Sandoy is located in the village Sandur and they provide guidance to travelers and arrange guided tours like boat tours to the bird cliffs of Sandoy and Skúvoy and fishing and hiking trips. Please visit the homepage of the Tourist Information Center in Sandoy for more information here

It is always possible to book a guide at the Information Centre, so if you want to experience something special or you want to climb a mountain, it is both wise and exciting to have a local to guide you.


Bus rental

The cost for renting a bus between the villages is from DKK 625 each way.

If the bus has to stay with the group the price is higher. 



Trips with guide cost min. 2 hours, which means from DKK 840 (the price per hour is DKK 420 from the 1st January 2019).


For futher information and booking:

Tel. +298 222078



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Bicycles for rent

Bicycles for rent

The bicycle can be rented in the reception for DKK 99 for 3 hours. Extra hour DKK 49. A deposit of DKK 500 has to be paid as well.


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